Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What we're occupied with at the moment

So what do we have left before we can leave? This is one of those things. Alex have designed and mounted new teak seats in the cockpit and these gaps needs now to get filled with sika. Will show the final production once it's finished.

Rest of the list below. (and bear in mind that this is only what has to get done before we leave, there is another long list for not so super important tasks to fulfill when we have more time on some tropical island. ) So:

- Install a new cooler plate for the fridge. We'll be able to produce ice with this new one. Yes!
- One sail is on repair and needs to get back to the boat asap.
- Install the gps antenna for the MaxSea.
- Replace one of the navigation lights.
- Refill with more sika on some of the portholes.
- Fit the battery isolator.
- Install three new battery cables.
- Improve the earthing of the satellite unit.
- Install a larger engine starter battery.
- Clean out the boat and store everything properly.
- Await an important document that should have arrived today, better luck tomorrow I guess.

And.. that would be it for now. /T

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