Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thailand Lifestyle Happy Pills

Most beginnings are not easy... a true statement, more so with this blog. However, this would start my Thailand blog in the wrong spririt right from the beginning.
So, let's start fresh: Life in Thailand is great!

I have been living on the island of Phuket for the last 10 years, a place to life for which many would give an arm and a leg to be in. Working in my own company (with a very flexible schedule) and surrounded by beautiful beaches like Karon, Kata and of course Patong Beach, I have the tropical sun of Thailand all day long, nearly every day of the year.
And at night, life does not stop here, on the contrary. Albeit maybe not as wild as Bangkok or Pattaya, the nightlife of Phuket is famous. One bar after the next filled with young Thai girls awaiting to serve me exotic cocktails and possibly more, if my heart would so desire. To be frank: surely this was one very good reason to stay here, not so much nowadays. Phuket was certainly a great place to spend some wild years, now it is a great place to be in a more stable and settled existence, just letting the hair down now and then (and my girlfriend has her own opinions, after how many drinks the fun reaches the line that shall not be crossed!).
But nevertheless, a great place to be in, have fun, and watch other people have fun; because other than with sorrow, shared fun is definitely double the fun, living your life surrounded by constantly happy people in holiday mood. I wish those only here for a few weeks could pack some of that in their suitcase when they transfer back to the airport and fly home.

So what is this blog really about? I do not have a political message, I do not convert anybody to a new religion or even want to change their habits or thoughts. It is much more -- like most blogs -- a tool to remind myself, that life was great, is great and will be even better the next day, here in Thailand.
And if you, my dear reader, partake in those 'happy thoughts', all the better, because all it would take to be here is to go and buy a flight ticket and hop on the next plane. Or, if this is not possible right at this moment, maybe to know that somewhere there is a place without rain and unhappy people and you could be there if you really, really wished it so. The right medicine for a rainy day or a boring day at the office -- and like all the really good things (never believe the cynics who say otherwise), this little happy pill is FREE.