Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thoughts about the crossing

No we're not in the tropics yet, although these little friends looks like they are just from there. The document is still missing and we will have to wait here for it's arrival. Someone was asking about our feelings now when we're just about to begin the long crossing and I have barely thought of it from another perspective  than how interesting it will be and how great it will be to have it done. Am not worried or scared or anything like that as I cannot see any greater risks out there than in any other sea we sailed. I'm sure those nights in Golf of Leon with 5 meter seas and 35 knots of wind or that night of constant thunderstorm and 30-32 knots of wind while surfing on huge seas and praying for my life for us not to get struck by the massive lightnings which were all around us, were much more fearful than an Atlantic crossing can be in January. We will follow the established trade-winds anyway so there shouldn't be too much of surprises, at least not from the weather perspective. Some rain has no one died of and yes the waves can be a bit uncomfortable but that's something I've calculated to have to deal with anyhow. What we could be a bit worried for though and which Alex slightly is already, is the autopilots tiller arm and it's strength after that shock it had to experience in Morocco. The bracket is reinforced a bit but we would definitely have to get it replaced completely and that we haven't had the time for as yet. I am not too worried as I think we will be fine with it and also the Sailomat windpilot, and would both fail - well then it was our bad luck and there's not much else to do than hand-steer and even that is not a major concern from my side. If people have sailed around the world singlehanded without autopilots for almost thirty years now and someone sailed across the Atlantic with a 20-footer by himself for more than 150 years ago, well then we would easily be able to do it without self-steering if that would be our luck. 

I am sure everything will be fine and I'm confident knowing that we will always find a way to solve problems that might arrive. It is a new type of challenge after all and if we wouldn't love great challenges, we wouldn't live this life to begin with.

We feel well prepared and ready, just that goddamn document which has to arrive and then we're ready to go. Will call UPS now again and check what the hell's going on. /Taru

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