Saturday, July 31, 2010

Finally ready to go

Now look how beautiful she is. Finally ready to hit the sea again after almost a week on dry. Washed and polished in every corner and with her bottom freshly painted. We are running behind schedule so we'll talk to you again soon when we're out on the sea. Just some few more things to organize and refit and then: The 30 hour passage to Ibiza!

We'll bring our video camera with us so we might give you some real life action from our part of the world, later on. Be safe until then. A&T

Plaza Mayor, Cracovia

Imagen de Google Maps

09/04/2010: La Plaza Mayor de Cracovia es la plaza medieval más grande de Europa. Data del siglo XIII y con unas dimensiones de 200 x 200 metros es el lugar más conocido de Cracovia.

En esta gigantesca plaza encontramos diferentes monumentos importantes como la Iglesia de Santa Maria:

Esta iglesia tiene dos torres, desde la más alta de ellas suena después del sonido de las campanas que dan las horas, la melodía de una trompeta.
Cuenta la leyenda que un trompetista subió hasta esa torre para advertir de los enemigos a los habitantes y tocando la melodía recibió un flechazo que lo mató sin que pudiera acabar. Actualmente suena cada hora esta melodía sin final. Aqui os pongo un video del trompetista desde una ventana de la torre:

Interior de la Iglesia de la Santa Maria, tiene un gran altar de 13 x 11 m, considerado el mayor altar medieval de madera de Europa:

Vale la pena rodear la Iglesia ya que en el exterior encontramos una bonita calle adoquinada con el mismo aspecto que podría tener el conjunto de edificios hace 500 o 600 años:

Otra pequeña iglesia al fondo:

Iglesia de Santa Maria:

Dentro de la Plaza Mayor se encuentra La Lonja de los Paños:
La Lonja de los Paños data del siglo XIII, en la planta baja se encuentran muchos puestos de venta de productos artesanos como ropa, pañuelos, figuras de madera y sobre todo objetos de ámbar (pendientes, pulseras, esclavas, figuras, etc.)

En la primera planta se encuentra una de las secciones del Museo Nacional.

Interior de la planta baja con las tiendas:

Junto a la Lonja, dentro de la Playa Mayor, se encuentra la Torre del Ayuntamiento, que es lo único que quedó del Ayuntamiento de Cracovia del Siglo XIV:

Vista de la Torre de 70 m de altura hecha de ladrillo:

Junto a la Torre del Ayuntamiento se encuentra esta curiosa escultura:

En el perimetro que rodea la plaza se encuentran terrazas y restaurantes que ofrecen buenas vistas a los monumentos mientras se toma algo.

The Cocktail Drinkers' Guide to Gardening: July

Each month here on ProvencePost, Gardening Guru James Clay dishes up great advice about two of his favorite subjects: gardening and drinking. This month he's all excited about datura--an amazing white shrub for the terrace--and one of his all-time favorite boissons, the classic margarita. "If the cocktail doesn't blow your house guests away," James reports, "then the plant most certainly will!"

Union Oyster House, The oldest restaurant of America, Boston

A friend from Munich recommended us this restaurant that exists since 1826. We absolutely wanted to try the stuffed lobster, a traditional Boston dish. In this restaurant you get a warm feeling. Al the furniture and the bars are in wood. You can eat an oyster at the oyster bar or have a drink at the second bar. This will kill the time when you wait for your table because this restaurant is extremely popular. We could enjoy the bar for one hour with a bottle of wine until our table was ready. We had an interesting conversation with a university dean and had a good stuffed lobster afterwards. You have to try it.

Een vriend uit Munchen heeft ons dit restaurant uit 1826 aanbevolen. We wilden absoluut de opgevulde kreeft, een traditioneel gerecht uit Boston proeven. Dit restaurant met zijn houten interieur en bars straalt warmte uit. Je kan een oester eten aan de oesterbar of van een drankje genieten aan de andere bar. Dit is noodzakelijk terwijl je wacht op je tafel want het restaurant is extreem populair. We hebben een uur genoten van onze fles wijn en een gezellig gesprek met een decaan van een universiteit tot onze tafel klaar was. We raden je aan dit restaurant te proberen.

Union Oyster House

Union Oyster House

Union Oyster House

Union Oyster House

Union Oyster House

Union Oyster House
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Link to the Official Website: Union Oyster House, Boston

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Cedar Point, The Best Amusement Park in the World

Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio has been the Best Amusement Park in the world for 12 years in a row. The park is very big and you need at least two days to visit it. They focus mainly on thrill rides and roller coasters but also have nice attractions for young kids. It is clean, save, waiting times are acceptable, food and drinks are of good quality and at reasonable prices. We would recommend everyone who likes coasters to go there. They own the world famous coasters like Milenium Force, Magnum, Raptor, Maverick and Top Thrill Dragster. This year they added a new water ride called Shoot the Rapids. Overall an excellent park that deserves to be the best in the world. The pictures and the video give you an idea, reality is so much better.

Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio is het beste pretpark ter wereld voor 12 jaar op rij. Het park is zeer groot en je hebt zeker twee dagen nodig om het te bezoeken. Ze concentreren zich voornamelijk op Thrill attracties en achtbanen maar ze hebben ook vele leuke attracties voor kinderen. Het is er proper, veilig, de wachtrijen zijn aanvaardbaar, eten en drankjes zijn van goede kwaliteit en aan redelijke prijzen. We kunnen dit pretpark aanraden aan iedereen die van achtbanen houdt. Dit park bezit de meest beroemde achtbanen ter wereld zoals Milenium Force, Magnum, Raptor, Maverick, en Top Thrill Dragster. Dit jaar hebben ze een nieuwe waterattractie "" Shoot The Rapids" gebouwd. Dit is een uitstekend pretpark dat echt verdient de beste van de wereld te zijn. De foto's en video geven u een idee van het park maar in de realiteit is het veel beter.

Top Thrill Dragster Cedar PointTop Thrill Dragster

Maverick Cedar PointMaverick

Maxair Cedar PointMaxair

Power Tower Cedar PointPower Tower

Raptor Cedar PointRaptor

Shoot the Rapids Cedar PointShoot the Rapids

Skyhawk Cedar PointSkyhawk

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General Impressions, New York

This is the second time we visit New York and it's always an adventure. We plan long walks, and try to see as many things as possible. It was warm again with temperatures above 35 degrees. We didn't have the time to update our blog daily but we will process our backlog as soon as possible. Below you can already see some impressions.

Dit is de tweede keer dat we New York bezoeken en het is altijd een avontuur. We plannen lange wandelingen en proberen zoveel mogelijk plaatsen te bezoeken. Het was terug warm met temperaturen boven de 35 graden. We hebben niet genoeg tijd gehad om onze blog volledig op te daten, maar zullen proberen onze achterstand zo snel mogelijk bij te werken. Hieronder kan je al enkele impressies opdoen.

Kristel and Laby Liberty New YorkKristel and Lady Liberty

Bryant Park New YorkIn Bryant Park

Skyscrapers New YorkSkyscrapers New York

Trump Tower New YorkTrump Tower

Apple Store New YorkApple Store

Skyscrapers New YorkSkyscrapers New York

Skyscrapers New YorkSkyscrapers New York

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More coming

The debate goes on with a very interesting discussion... here. Click yourself through all 11 pages if you like.
And here on Sailing Anarchy ... You'll find it on page 2, after the chat about the religious guys..

Don't we just love the Internet.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The world tour boat

Our beautiful arch in stainless steel is finally with us and perfectly installed. This addition gives the boat a whole new world tour look, we can't wait to get the solar panels and the wind generator in place on it. Alex draw the design himself on this arch and it's perfectly custom made for our needs. And so very beautiful where it stands. /T

The conservative world of cruising?

A very lively debate has erupted after we published a link to our website on a few of the big sailing forums out there. One in particular created such an intense discussion that more that 40 people engaged into contemplating on if our blog was good enough as a cruising blog or not. Most of the members writing on that thread was of course positive, glad to see something new and inspiring but there were some among them who called our blog "too slick, fake and self-centered", also "too sexy". Some accused us for being too commercial and even too professional to suit in the "natural" world of cruising. Ha! Some of the members even accused us for charging money through paypal on our site, where they got that idea from is still a mystery. Have you guys ever sen a Pay Pal sign here on this blog? That specific thread on CF has now been removed from the forum and we're waiting for an explanation from it's administrators of why and for what reason it's deleted as we are sure of that we haven't violated on any of their rules.

In the meanwhile, here's a picture for you all out there: Is this also maybe too sexy and fake to suit in the fine world of cruising? (Our apologize for showing the boat in that terrible condition though. This is taken just in between the sanding of the primer and applying of some more..)
It is just fantastic what emails we've received in the last 24 hours. People from every part of the world have contacted us to tell us how much they love what we do and how we do it, and also some few emails were sent by conservative members of those forums urged us to stop writing in forums such as CF as we are "destroying" the "natural" world of cruising. Very amusing indeed.

To all of you other, positive, open minded people who're reading this blog, thanks for reading, we are delighted by the fact that we might inspire some of you out there to follow your dreams. And a very warm welcome to all of our new readers! /A&T

Chail Travel Guide

Tour Services India Provides complete information on Chail tourism in Himachal Pradesh India. A detailed tourist guide to the hill town of Chail, its attractions, Chail Hotels. Also information on how to reach Chail.
Honeymoon in Chail
Chail : When Bhupinder Singh, Maharaja of Patiala,was expelled from Shimla - the `summer capital' of the British in India - he decided to create his own capital for the hot months. The little village of Chail was perfect. It lay surrounded by magnificent deodar forests, Shimla was in direct vision and
Chail Hills
most important, the hill of Chail at 2226 m was somewhat higher than British-controlled Shimla. Today the Maharaja's creation can be experienced by everyone. Whether you are on a honeymoon  or in  search of seclusion or wish to organise a conference and demand all facilities, Chail has it all .
Chail in winter
Then, there is good sight seeing and the possibility of some fishing and trekking. Chail also has the world's highest cricket pitch and polo ground.

Places to visit

Sidh Baba ka Mandir (1.5 km) : Maharaja Bhupinder Singh originally began building his palace 
Chail Sidh Baba ka Mandir
at this site. It is said that a `sidh' -saintly person appeared before the Maharaja in a dream and declared that this was the place where he had meditated. Bhupinder Singh shifted his palace and also had this temple built.

Chail Cricket GroundCricket Ground (3 km) : Built in 1893, after levelling the top of a hill, this stands at 2444m and is the highest cricket pitch and polo ground in the world.

Wildlife Sanctuary (3 km) : The Chail sanctuary has `ghoral', `kakkar', `sambhar',' red jungle fowl ' and 'khalij' and `cheer' pheasants.
Chail Wildlife
Machan-like sighting posts have been built near Blossom and at Khariun.


Kufri : An enjoyable drive through forests and small villages leads to this small but popular station. The Nature Park here is a great attraction. A short trek leads upto the Mahasu peak-
with breathtaking view.

Sadhupul : Halfway between Kandaghat and Chail is this village and bridge astride the Ashwani stream. A good picnic spot.

Adventure and fishing : A dozen or so trek routes lead out of Chail.
Chail travel guide
Trails Iead upto the Choor Peak and to Shimla. Skiing can be done at Narkanda during winters. There is fishing on the Giri river at Gaura , 29km  away.


By Air : The closest airports are at Chandigarh ( 120 km) and Shimla(63 km).

Chail tours
By Road : Chail is connected by road. From Shimla via Kufri the distance is 45 km and via Kandaghat this is 61 km. Kalka is 86 km away. Regular buses for Chail leave from Shimla, Chandigarh and Delhi.

Climate Conditions

In winter, the temperature can
drop below freezing point when heavy woollens are required. In summer the climate is mild and light woollens/cottons are recommended.

Best time to visit

Chail and its surrounding areas is a delight for tourists in every season. It is charming in summer,
fascinating in autumn when the fields and the forests are covered with a cloak of russet and gold and, of course, in winter it is nothing less than paradise. Everything about this place is as perfect as perfection can possibly be. The air here is crisp, invigorating and there is some kind of warmth in the snow. For more information you can Contact us at - 09717096542.

Tour Services India

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Common Park and State House, Boston

Common Park in Boston is a nice green area in the middle of the city. The pond in the park is known as the frog pond. It used to be a pond full of frogs but now it is used for kids who play in the undeep water. Everywhere you look, you see squirrels that beg for food. Near to the State House you also find a nice statue and a fountain.

"Common Park" in Boston is een mooi groen gebied in het midden van de stad. De vijver van het park is gekend als de kikkervijver. Het was in het verleden een vijver vol kikkers maar wordt nu gebruikt voor kinderen die in het ondiepe water spelen. Overal waar je kijkt, zie je eekhoorns die bedelen voor voedsel. Dicht bij het "State House" (regeringsgebouw) staan ook enkele standbeelden en een fontein.

Common Park Boston

Common Park Boston

Common Park Boston

Common Park Boston

Common Park Boston

State House Boston
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