Friday, January 7, 2011

Hello Pyrenees

We survived the flight. Of course we did. We miss our boat tremendously already after a few hours away but we feel confident knowing that we have friends watching her for us until we return in just a few hours. We are now in the French Pyrenees for some family get togethers and also picking up Alex's 6.6 round-tailed surf board. He definitely got a hunger for more when he was up there on those waves in Lanzarote the other day and I can't say anything less than I too feel very amped to get started with surfing. I'm dreaming of all of those fantastic photos and videos I will be able to shoot when we get to different surfers paradises around the world *drooling of the pure thought*. (Just need to get in touch with GoPro for some video camera inquiries but it seem to be a mission impossible to find a proper contact at that company. Any help to get in touch with someone over there are very welcome Thanks.)

Other good news: Finally we have found a new charger for our Canon 5D. In a small modest camera boutique in Toulouse it was waiting for us. Thank God we went in to ask. We've been calling all over Spain, Sweden and France to get a hold on one but everywhere they informed us of at least 2 weeks of delivery time. I'm having so much video ideas for this blog that I can't wait to get back home to the boat to start the production. /Taru

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