Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winter weather

Wow it is really cold over here now. As a cold front is sweeping through Spain, we have not much more than 15°C (59°F) to look forward to in the nights. Brrr. Totally not what we find enjoyable, so similar to Scandinavian weather and that is exactly what I'm trying to run away from! Hoping that our journey around Cabo de Gata tomorrow will bring us one step warmer in direction. Here's some cold photos for you, it looks like winter doesn't it? We spotted a couple of large black Cormorants yesterday before arriving to Mazzarón, or at least we think they are cormorants. They were approximately 1,5 m (4,7 foot) between wings. And another large white bird that looked like a penguin of some sort, although we understand that here are no such things as penguins in Southern Spain, in case they didn't flew in wrong with the terrible cold front from Antarctis... (penguins don't fly, I know) Any bird lovers maybe can tell us what species we've seen here? Thanks.

Mazzarón is by the way where we still are and will be sailing away from in a couple of hours. (Find exact location here.) The stupid SPOT tracker requires by the way Lithium batteries only, not Alkaline. Alkaline batteries in size AAA are for your information very easy to find, so are not the ones made of Lithium... They are simply nowhere and in no town of Spain to find so no tracking until we eventually find what we're looking for. Hopefully they have them in Gibraltar at least.


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