Thursday, November 18, 2010



Clip from SPOT's FAQ site.
Clip from SPOT's FAQ site.

Holy goddamn shit how we've been running around this stretch of coast to localize lithium batteries, as the SPOT trackers says (in big letters in the back of the machine) that this is the only type of batteries that can be used with it. When we have been searching in three cities for three days and even took a turn through Cartagena and ten nm extra sailing - only to search for batteries and still we couldn't find any - we just found out that SPOT only "recommends" the Energizer lithium batteries because they have a deal with Energizer and that actually the Alkaline batteries (from any brand) would have worked perfectly fine all the way... but "only in emergency situations" as they call it. We lost three days and peace of mind because of this bs.

End of this story now. We'll keep on with the tracker and our alkaline batteries (which were the only ones we could find) until we'll find a better and easier solution to track our position. Or until SPOT decides to sponsor us with their new SPOT communicator and free batteries for our tour around the world.

Until we announce anything else, you can now again find us here (with a strange turn through the country while we've been in search of lithium batteries.

By the way it is interesting to see that our world tour is the third most tracked tour in the world, according to SPOTWALLA's top ten trip list. /Taru

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