Saturday, November 20, 2010

Soon in Gibraltar

Because of all the projects we still had hanging over us since we left Barcelona, and because we needed to pick up parts and things here and there along the coast - we haven't had the possibility to make longer passages until now. We left Aguilas around 9am yesterday morning and have now arrived in Benalmádena. 29 hours later and 160 nm away from where we started. There has been very little wind and we had to unfortunately have the engine on almost all of the time. Luckily it's still alive and working good.

Wouldn't we have had the need to stop here in Benalmádena to pick up one more thing for the air generator, we would have head straight to Gibraltar - but we'll make that last leg of 50 nm tonight. Better get used to longer journeys now as we have a 600 nm passage* to make to the Canaries in a couple of days from now, and then the exciting 2800 nm** crossing to the Caribbean in December. I don't think you can be even close to imagine how much we look forward to get out from the Mediterranean sea and enter the Atlantic side in a couple of days from now. And not to mention the thrilling day of when we will be able to cast off from the canaries for the long Atlantic crossing.. /T

Photo from last nights sunset. 

* This will take approximately 4-5 days.
** This leg will take approximately 3 weeks.

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