Friday, November 19, 2010

Chicken burger for lunch, yes please!

A very simple dish, perfectly suitable for moderate conditions on the sea is - the burger. Burger of any sort really (can't wait for Alex to catch some fish so I can make it a fish burger), but this is one of our favorites.

Let me present to you the super easy* chicken burger. (*because life aboard is all about making things easy, no?)

Take a couple of hamburger buns. Throw them into oven to grill for some minutes. You want them to get warm and crispy, but never too burnt so watch out.

Take a few pieces of grilled chicken fillet. You can either heat up some left overs from last nights chicken meal or simply use some hot and ready parts from a grilled chicken from your local chicken butcher, or make it hard for yourself and pan fry/grill a couple of fresh fillets yourself. The latter is as great as time consuming so I recommend one of the first two options because sometimes it is OK to be lazy.  Whatever piece of chicken you decide to go for, make sure it gets soaked up in some nice flavors. I would suggest salt, pepper, ground chili powder, soya and perhaps some garlic powder, in case there wasn't enough spices already.

When the chicken's ready, sprinkle some mayonnaise on the bread. Or why not try the delightful Cesar dressing that you can find almost anywhere nowadays. This is to be followed by some leaves of fresh rucola, some slices of a tasteful cheese, (I used the amazing Swiss cheese Appenzeller.. oh lord how glorious it is), finalize the deal with some red garlic and some red pepper. Sprinkle some fresh ground pepper of preferred kind and over with the top. VoilĂ ! This is too good to be true - and so incredibly easy to execute. Perfect for a quiet day on the sea when you feel like enjoying the sun and the beautiful surroundings, rather than spending too long time below in the galley.


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