Monday, January 3, 2011

Schedule for the next four months

Some of you might be interested in knowing how far we have come so far. Two months have passed since we started this circumnavigation from our hometown Barcelona on the 31st of October 2010 and around 1500 nm have been sailed through two continents and three countries during these last eight weeks. We've been traveling in a calm slow mode until now due to final preparations of the boat and we're soon about to begin the long journey across the Atlantic.

The green line on the map is an indication of what we sailed last summer, before the official circumnavigation started. You'll find tons of stories and photos of that first year further back in the blog if you're interested to see how we spent our time in Corsica, Sardinia, the French Riviera and the Balearic islands (Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca etc).

The red line on the map indicates the actual world tour trip that we've accomplished so far and the blue line is the journey we'll embark on in a couple of days. I'm sure you understand that we, at the moment, are located where the blue cross is, which is Las Palmas in the Canary islands. The journey across the Atlantic ocean is scheduled to last around three weeks or so and it will be the second longest passage on the total journey - slightly shorter than the Pacific ocean crossing - which we'll hopefully embark on in April this year.

We are planning on making a landfall in the Caribbean in the beginning of February and around two months will be spent cruising around in the West Indies with a first landfall scheduled to be made in Martinique. Two weeks will be spent around St Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines with two of our very dear friends and thereafter we'll proceed further down South through the Caribbean islands and then West towards Panama. The passage through the Panama canal will hopefully be made in early April. What happens after Panama is still not planned in details, we prefer to keep the schedule open and I'll get back with more info when it's getting closer.

Some sort of agenda, although this might change a bit or a lot:

15th of Jan - Leaving Las Palmas
4th of Feb - Arriving in Martinique
5-15th of Feb Sailing in Martinique, St Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines with friends
Feb / March - Grenada --- ABC-----Panama
April - Galapagos (if there is time)
April - Leaving for the Pacific crossing

And then.... well... French Polynesia and the Tuamoto archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean is what we look forward to get to most of it all in this world so let's see what happens once we get there. Maybe we'll stay there, realizing that we never again want to return to the civilization and instead we'll get some babies and build ourselves a bungalow on the beach, or maybe we'll rapidly cruise through those paradise islands and come to realize that it wasn't at all what we wanted or maybe we decide to stay in the Caribbean and we never even get out in the Pacific Ocean. Who knows? Time will tell, like it always does. /Taru

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