Monday, January 10, 2011

Readers reflections

Oh la la, thanks for the nice compliment, K! This women is comparing us with Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkin in the Blue Lagoon and flatters us with even more of her beautiful compliments. Check this out here.

We love your emails and comments and links you send to us, dear readers. Your interaction is one of the main reasons why we, or more specifically I (as I am the writer and producer of this blog) love working with this diary of ours. Every week we receive new wonderful links and trackbacks sent to us with our readers own thoughts about our tour and it is very interesting to see this whole thing from someone else's perspective. 

I have by the way tried to get Alex into the writings of this blog for many months now but he is totally not into it and as he is extremely busy constantly building and fixing with the boat, he also says that he doesn't have the peace of mind or the space in life to gather his thoughts into notes for the moment. We both have our areas in life where we feel most comfortable and writing simply doesn't appeal to him as much as it does to me. Just like boat projects, mounting of gear or mechanical installations might not be priority one in my world.

May be that the blogs content and writings often are angled from my personal perspective, but that is simply how it will have to be, I can't transmit much more than that in a realistic way so you all have too keep up with my ramblings. This blog is as much an interactive tool to stay connected with our families, friends and followers along the tour, as it is my personal diary with images, notes and reflections from these interesting and beautiful years on the sea.

Thanks for reading and make sure we all stay in touch! /Taru

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