Thursday, January 6, 2011

In the news

From negativities back to the ego corner. Katadyn have recently sent out press information about our world tour in their latest newsletter. Check it out here. If you can't read German, here's a translation:

"Taru and Alex who got to know each other in Barcelona, left in the end of October on a sailing adventure around the world. Aboard their Hallberg Rassy 352, they have also installed a Katadyn Power Survivor 80E, to be able to have fresh drinking water on the long Atlantic crossing. When planning a cruise, the daily supplies of fresh water is absolutely essential for survival and the ability to produce drinking water itself has a huge impact on the comfort on board. With their Internet blog Taru and Alex have already achieved celebrity status within the sailing community. They cleverly combine the harsh life at sea with lifestyle elements such as good food (and fresh drinking water), expensive wine, and fashion clothes. The duo have just left Morocco and is now heading west. Make sure to follow the journey and love story of this extraordinary couple."


We have by the way just started to use our watermaker and we've realized that it is even easier to use than it seemed from the beginning and the unit uses less amps than expected. Good! We'll post some information of the machine later on, if you guys are interested in knowing how it is possible to transform salt water into fresh (drinking) water.

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