Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wine sampling

Just like an alert reader already commented on: It seems like the only thing we're doing is eating. And yes, that is almost truth. Not the entire truth but close to it. Because what would life be without delicious food, new interesting flavors, tasteful preparations and in my case: characteristic and flavorful wines. Not much, huh. 

Talking of wine: As I've understood; Morocco is supposed to have the best natural potential in West Africa for producing wine due to the high mountains surrounding the country in combination with the cooling influences of the Atlantic winds - and despite the paradox of having 98% of it's population forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages, Morocco does produce and export an massive amount* of wine each year. So naturally I had to try a couple to compare with my own preferences - and I've found some simple favorites. The traditional Medallion is an excellent everyday wine in my taste and they make it good in both red (Cabernet Sauvignon) and white (Sauvignon Blanc). Wine sampling (and drinking obviously) is a passion that grows within me more for each year and I'm trying to collect my favorites in every new wine-producing country we get to. The Italian ones I picked up this summer in Sardinia are slowly running out so new replacements will be done in form of Moroccan. Not quite comparable but still they are alright. I don't drink much white wines in general but if you like em', allow yourself to try the sweet Medallion next time you have the chance, also Alex thought of it as palatable - and he usually doesn't like the taste of wine at all. For me it was perfect when chilled  - served with the wonderfully prepared sushi we had the other night and I'm definitely going to pick up a few of the small version** for our boat.  /Taru

* Morocco grows 310.000 tons of grapes annually, ranks 30th in wine producing countries worldwide.

**375 ml comes in a stylish, thin bottle as shown in picture - perfect size for one person and takes less space in the boat.

Here's by the way a short text I wrote about my absolute favorite wine, all categories - in my other blog for some year ago or so - for the ones who're interested.

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