Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome to breakfast heaven

Have a look at this delicate breakfast and then try estimating the cost of it. Perhaps a similar one would've been around 79 USD in The Pierre hotel, New York. Or 480 Swedish kronas in the Grand Hotel, Stockholm. Or 65 Euros in the new exclusive Mandarin Oriental on Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona. So what is the cost of the same here in Rabat, Morocco, you ask? Let me tell you: For this exquisite morning meal with freshly baked bread with sweet apricot marmalade, morning squeezed orange juice from the sweetest of fruits, the most flavorful Moroccan mint tea, six pieces of buttery and oh so perfectly prepared pastry, the juiciest scrambled eggs you can imagine and a perfect cup of café au lait - all served on silver plates accompanied with the best of service - you will have to look no further than in your pocket of coins. Here we've tried the petit-déjeuner for two people and all we had to pay for it in total was 98 Moroccan Dirhams. This, ladies and gentleman, is equal to around 10 Euros. Or 12 USD. Or 100 SEK if you'd like.

The only problem in this equation, as far as I am concerned, is that this French café is located only 25 foot steps from our boat and that it will be very hard to resist the temptation of running here for their madly incredible pastry rich on calories as soon as we open up our eyes in the mornings. A bad habit we already implemented in our Moroccan lives.

This country is ridiculously cheap! /T

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