Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The thing

So this is the piece of steinless steel that got damaged. It's called tiller bracket, maybe? Anyhow it is this thing, of two, that is mounted around the stock (is it called stock?) My vocabulary for mechanics and technicalities in English is as poor as my interest in the same. And Alex word knowledge in these type of things are mostly limited to French words. Luckily we have you guys, all of the experts out there, who have taught me a couple of things already so please inform me of what this is as well, will you. Anyway, words are just words and luckily Alex is an expert when it comes to the actual work around them - mounting, installing, fixing etc.

As you can see, this thing which earlier was ripped apart is now welded back together (although very poorly done by the Moroccan workshop we left it to but that's another story) and hopefully it will hold together for a while. /Taru

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