Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our arrival to Rabat

Photo is taken some 150 nm from Gibraltar - maybe 8-10 hours before arriving to Rabat. The Atlantic ocean was pretty calm this night - in comparison to the previous night when the wind was a steady 25-30 knots all night long. That first night was a long and fast ride in darkness with the wind pushing us along from NW in a broad reach and that was also the first time we did an over-nighter on the Atlantic ocean together. It was like a new world opened up before me (Alex been sailing here before, during his 20's. Bay of Biscay - South Africa). I have only sailed in the choppy Mediterranean before so I was thrilled to see something so different and with such a long swell. Wonderful change to the better, if you ask me.
On the second day we had the chance to try the 81 square meter (877 sq feet) of beautiful gennaker. In 8 knots of wind we sailed along at 5 knots with this piece of nylon.
We arrived to the river entrance of Rabat/Salé at five am on the second morning. As we've been advised, we called the marina to take advantage of the pilot service for escort up the river. We were told that the dam was open since a few hours, creating a strong current so we had to wait to enter until around 11am. We kept on sailing along the coast and met many of these fishing boats with large black birds surrounding them.
Finally ready to move on up the river around lunch time. The marina is to be found about 1 km (half a mile) from the sea. Rabat with the fortress is to the right in this picture, Salé to the left. 
Loads of colorful fishing boats in the river.
The old town surrounded by fortress.
The old town. (Colorful pics from inside of it coming soon)
A huge luxurious apartment complex is being built just before the marina. Bouregreg marina where we're staying is just a five minute walk from this area. 

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