Friday, December 10, 2010

Inspiring architecture

In the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, like in many other places around here, you'll get stunned by the fantastic architecture and the wonderful attention to detail. The colors they use, the patterns in the carpets and fabrics, the amazingly detailed woodwork and the colorful mosaic that Moroccan design is built up with are such a joy for the eye that you begin to question yourself: What in the world have I been decorating my life with earlier, when there is this to get inspired from? This Mausoleum from where the photos are taken, is by the way one of the most famous of Moroccan monuments, as it holds the tomb of the founder of modern and independent Morocco - the father of the nation - King Mohammed V and his son. 

Morocco is definitely one place which we have to return to later on to collect things for the building and decorating of that house and restaurant in French Polynesia that we have on our to-do list for the next five years *dreaming*. /T

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