Thursday, December 23, 2010

Goodbye Morocco

The lunch is eaten (grilled turkey with rice cooked in garlic and red pepper).
The dessert is enjoyed (my delicious nutella cheescake - will post the recipe here one day if you'd like to try it).
The autopilot is repaired for now.
Rods and reels are prepared. Planning on catching some big mamas this time. Will keep you posted.
The wash is dried.
And we're ready to leave Africa and head towards the Canaries, por fin. It was a very pleasant stop, but now we're more than done with Morocco for this year and this time around. We will spend our Christmas eve on the ocean battling some 3-4 meter (9-13 foot) seas from the NW that are forecasted for the next 48 hours, but rather that than having to wait here for a longer time. We're ready to move on and so is our boat. Have a beautiful Christmas eve tomorrow if we do not speak before then. Will keep you updated from the sea when I have the chance. / T&A

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