Friday, December 10, 2010

Checking off the list

For us it was important and very good to stop here in Morocco for an extended time as we still had a lot of things to do before heading for the long Atlantic crossing. The boat must obviously be safe and ready would we get stuck in rough weather far from land and Morocco has been the perfect place for finalizing some of those boat projects. Rabat has been generous with perfect dry weather, it has been cheap to hang around here and mentally it has been a perfect break, rather than staying around more in the cold Gibraltar or the Canaries, which we feel is too similar to where we left from. Basically we needed to see something different and we got positively surprised by this place. Also we've done so much stuff on the boat this week that it's ridiculous. Now only these few things left before we're ready to hit the long passage (although we'll most probably make a super short stop in the Canaries as well):

- More teak (never-ending story that goddam teak) - almost done.
- Clean out more things. Would love to throw out around 100 kilos more so we at least can see the waterline again. 
- Install the Gps antenna for the MaxSea.
- Finalize the watermaker installation.
- Find a long range wifi receiver. Any ideas on which one to choose? Hopefully we'll be able to find one in the Canaries.

Done with work for today and we'll proceed with something similar to what this beautiful Moroccan man above is doing; we'll take a break, go to bed and read a book. Tomorrow is another day and we'll exchange our vehicle from boat to train for some hours. Let's see how far we get.

Hasta la vista and good night. T&A

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