Thursday, November 4, 2010

Still in Ginesta

We have a sort of an issue. We are stuck here. Although we wish to proceed, we're still having so incredibly much to do that we can't leave. Or we can but at the same time we wish to finish with at least a couple of the thousands of pending stuff still to check off from our list.... Port Ginesta is also one of the best harbors we visited in the Mediterranean so far and we're very happy to stay here. They have everything available. All types of workshops, welders, wood-shops, shops with all types of spares, clean and fresh laundry facility, OK restaurants and a grocery store etc.. We were really supposed to leave last night but things got in the way, and now we were supposed to leave today but more things got in the way... and it's never ending. Hopefully making some progress on this world tour of ours, tonight. Just need to clean the dinghy, organize the washed clothes and replace a couple of lines... 

A berth for a 35' (10,5 m) boat costs 27 Euros a night, which should be considered as a bargain in Spain. There is free wireless Internet included in that price, as well as water and electricity.


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