Thursday, November 25, 2010

Morning read

What y'all reading this morning? I'm reading about head injuries and informing myself on what I would do incase some of us would get injured by a fish hook - this is a very common accident on boats.

Some of you can't read, I see. There was an Epi-Pen on our picture there so no need to worry folks. Especially important is that little piece of medicament as Alex is allergic to wasp stings and could basically die would he get stung by a wasp. Epi-pen is therefore of major importance for us. So also to get a hold on morphine, imagine yourself. Being hit hard in the back by the boom or being close to death cause you accidentally stepped on a dangerous seashell or such - and you can't at least have your last high of some kind? Terrible thought. You guys on land have always a doctor or an emergency clinic to call on - on the sea we have to be our own doctor/surgeon/nurse etc.

We do of course carry with us codeine based tablets already which are quite strong but nothing goes up to the real deal. And I love that some of you are so worried for us and want to guide and lecture us in everything from how dangerous our glass ware in the galley is, to tell me how bad is my party/social smoking, to which medicine we should and should not carry and what is dangerous for us in general - but believe me. We are not born yesterday and we have good control of all sorts of things we could possibly have studied beforehand. So also the health and medicine department and as the control freaks we both are, nothing would get overdosed (to a dangerous extent), in case it wasn't the last minutes of our lives, obviously.

So, where is that morphine again? 

Also for all you nicotine haters out there: obviously I do know the side effects that comes with smoking and I do know how terribly dangerous it can be for ones health, but I would like to take the chance to inform you that tobacco would be able to save Alex's life, incase we wouldn't have an epi-pen on hand when he gets stung by a wasp. So I'll be happy to carry them both from now on thank you. And most comfortable and safe I'd feel knowing that there also is a good dose of opioid aboard, in case of some other serious accidents would occur.

Happy thanksgiving to all of our American readers by the way! I wish you all a beautiful holiday.


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