Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The medical department

We've been to the doctor today for general consulting and health check up. We seem to be in good condition both of us, thank you very much. Just waiting for some test results and the tooth repair kits and then we're set for now. These are some of the medications we could get prescription for. Here we have most antibiotics and treatments for things such as diarrhea, chest pain, wasp sting, ear and eye infections, urine infection, stomach pain and other aches, sun burns, skin cuts and wounds, allergic reactions, skin infections etc. Hoping to not have to use any other than these.

Unfortunately they couldn't prescript morphine or other stronger pain killers in this clinic, which we must try to find somewhere in the Canaries. All very important to have aboard for our journey as doctors will be rare to find in tiny islands and remote locations. Not to mention if we get a boom in the head, get bitten by a shark or whatever else serious that could happen in the middle of an ocean. Obviously we will avoid all those kinds of serious accidents, but you never know - better to be on the sure side. 

If anyone can recommend a hospital/doctor in the Canaries who can write prescriptions for stronger medications for a journey like ours, please let me know. /T

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