Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Good morning love

One of my duties in life, as far as I am concerned, is to be a good wife* to my man and try making him as happy as I can. And if he says he will miss excellent coffee on our world tour, I must find a way to deliver it to him. Just like any good wives would have done. So after trying out a couple of different brands and styles, I've found one that is  good enough for my discerning captain. Here served with hot milk, a little bit of brown sugar and breakfast of his choice. Freshly baked bread with butter and clementine marmalade from Corsica.

*No we're not married, we just love the word wife instead of the silly epithet girlfriend. I have a strong feeling that a marriage is not the best way to go to be able to keep the love alive and long lasting. Real, profound love is the key word in my vocabulary rather than social institutions, a ring on the finger and printed words on a paper. We'll see about this later on, might be I have to change my beliefs just because of having the opportunity to get to be called wife by the person I love most. (This is very unlikely though, I rather borrow that title now and then.) Any name suggestions other than soulmate, partner and gf/bf, are very welcome. /Taru

P.S: We still have no new batteries in the SPOT, but we're now on our way towards Cartagena FYI.

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