Monday, October 11, 2010

The perfect mix between sweet and salt

Fried chicken with a sweet bean salad

Pan fry your marinated chicken and prepare the salad in the meanwhile.

I've used these ingredients:

A handful of rucola
A handful of baby spinach
A bunch of mung bean sprouts
1 Comice pear (whatever pear goes, it's the sweet taste and the firm, grainy texture you're after)
Some red pepper
Blue cheese

I've chosen to made the dressing very sweet and refreshing as there's a lot of taste in the chicken. My sweet dressing is simply made of some raspberry vinaigrette, which can be found in well-assorted grocery stores, and virgin olive oil.

Chicken's marinated in soy, salt, black pepper, sesame oil, chili pepper and a bit of fresh garlic.

Serve as a starter or a lunch salad. It is very, very delicious. /T

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