Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our saloon

Oh, we haven't showed you how the new saloon cushions looks like. It is a great relief to have exchanged the 28 year old fabrics to something crisp and fresh and this navy tone goes very well with the mahogany of the boat, doesn't it? The fabric is made of a cotton-teflon mix and is not only very comfortable to look at and sit in, but also very easy to clean as nothing sticks to it. We're trying to keep things simple inside the saloon and putting a bit more effort into our cabin instead. As you could read in my SA-story; there's where it all's happening anyway. Maybe we'll show you what it looks like in there, one day. /T

Do not get fooled by the tidiness on the photo, this is NOT how it looks like in this very moment. It still looks like a bomb was detonated in here. Pic was taken a couple of weeks ago.

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