Tuesday, October 12, 2010

THE list

We're checking off thing after thing on our lists. But with only 19 days left, we still have a crazy amount of things to accomplish before we can leave Barcelona. Here we go:
  • Deck and exterior refit - Including replacement of hatches, new 46ST genoa winches in cockpit, the teak needs to get refitted (that goddamn teak's still not done and the rain doesn't quite help the process!!), portholes (will arrive this week), wind-vane installation's under development, bathing platform needs to get mounted. The watermaker is ordered and on the way. A new set of sails is also ordered and will probably not be here on time, but await us in Gibraltar. Need to haul out the boat to install new seacocks and at the same time we'll need to make some serious polishing of the hull.
  • Interior refit - Including new mahogany for the galley working area, new curtains up, need to invent a better system for storing the kitchenware and glasses.
  • Book order from Amazon - There will come plenty of times when one needs to get entertained and also times when one needs to fill up the knowledge bank - so books have been/will be ordered with a wide variety of subjects such as: Globalization, Nihilism, Kite Surfing, World War I & II, Fruits in the tropics, Film Noir, French/Swedish lexicon, The philosophy of Immanuel Kant, Cruising in the Windward islands, Islands of the Pacific, Introduction to capitalism, Cooking with sprouts, Ocean fishing, Haruki Murakami collection etc...
  • Music list - One thing we'll seriously be missing is the access to Spotify. The detachment from this little digital wonder requires us to download millions of cd's to our ipod's and computers. A major time-consuming task, that's for sure..
  • Provisioning - The boat needs to get filled up with food and wine of course, most of it done.
  • Movie downloading - All those classics and everything we still haven't had the time to watch.
  • Documentation equipment - We'll need to upgrade our equipment and this is under progress as well. Just ordered our dream camera from Canon with HD video possibility and it will hopefully arrive in next week. Some new lenses to that and we're all set.
  • Sport section - Kite gear, new cylinders for diving, two foldable bikes... holy shit, where's that bigger boat when we need it!
  • Medicine section - Not even started.
  • Insurance - Under development.
  • Internet - Under development...
We have exactly 27.360 minutes to fulfill these tasks, shouldn't be impossible, what do you think?

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