Saturday, October 23, 2010

From mess to reasonable

When we left the boat yesterday afternoon, she looked something like this. Imagine also all tools and things covered with sheets - and the sheet covered with a generous layer of dirty dust. The dirt was flying in through the open porthole-openings and if you didn't have asthma before, you'd probably get it in this mess. A real d i s a s t e r, that we simply just had to escape from for some hours.

So after a long (clean) nights sleep and a steady hotel breakfast, we went back to our little mess and threw out everything from the boat. I'm not kidding. Everything went out and although Alex insisted on waiting with the full house cleaning for some days when it all will be finishes, I made him understand that I needed to do it today. My brain simply can't function in such horrible, messy environments. If Alex is the tidy one with sails, lines and everything that has to do with the sailing part and the more messy one when it comes to our living area, I am the total contrary of it. So I sent him back out to work on the hull while I for three hours threw out every little piece of thing from the boat and carefully cleaned it in every nook and cranny. All loose stuff went out obviously, all cushions, everything that was kept inside of the lockers and drawers and when Alex came back in again and heard his own echo in the boat he said: Wow, this feels like the day when I bought her.. This boat has probably never been cleaner. 
Our cabin without any cushions or anything. Only some stored Blue Performance cases full of clothes. That's how we store most of our clothes, by the way. In some really good, hard cases with shelfs inside. Can much recommend the ones from Blue Performance. The white ones are from IKEA and are OK, although they do not have a cover on the opening. Usually we keep the cases on the right side, on the bed which we're not sleeping on. The wood in the back is still not fixed as you can see,  we'll get it back in place ones the bathing platform is up again.

So, now starts the rest of the project for today: To clean all the stuff that has been thrown out and get all those things back in the boat again. Also this cleaning process was a really good thing for us so that we could start contemplating about which stuff we actually need with us and which can go to the trash. We're having a new deal here right now: for every tool Alex have to throw out, I have to throw out one piece of garment or a shoe. It's pretty fair, I guess.


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